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Vimeo is Dead! Now What?

So Vimeo is dead… Now what? In the era of online video, Vimeo quickly became one of the top players. With a focus on quality and creative control, the…

Enjoy unlimited virtual film festivals from all over the world!

Filmocracy has thousands of the best independent films and hosts multiple virtual film festivals every month from around the world. Each virtual film festival has its own unique festival village- complete with original programming, panels, director Q&A’s, and live networking opportunities. It’s never been easier to walk the red carpet!

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Popcorn is earned from watching, rating, writing reviews, earning tips, and placing on the top of the leaderboard. At the end of each month, 10% of our revenue is converted into Popcorn and divided amongst the most active and the most accurate (Premium only) users. Once you’ve accumulated enough Popcorn, head on over to our Shop to redeem gift cards, movie tickets, festival passes, or electronics!


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Join us Feb 19 @ 11am PST

The Scriptwriter Showdown: Black History Month Edition is coming up!
We are thrilled to introduce the eight screenwriters who will be participating:



Mason Greer

Lina Isaacs

Rosa Falu

Foster Solomon

Jasmine Ogunjimi

Jamila A. Jackson

Madelyn Gee

Vernard Stevenson Fields 



We’re also excited to announce that this event will be sponsored by Inktip and the Organization of Black Screenwriters!


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Join us every week as our hosts Jon Fitzgerald (co-founder of Slamdance), Justin Giddings (TheKickstarterGuy), and Paul Jun (CEO, Filmocracy) discuss all things films & festivals.

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