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Top 10 Virtual Film Festivals of September

It’s been a long one and a half years since the start of the pandemic. Between quarantining and getting vaccinated, everyone’s doing their best to stop the spread. We’ve…

Know Your Lens for Your Film

Before I begin, I want to note that the art of cinematography takes years and sometimes decades to master. This will not make you an expert, but help to…

Enjoy unlimited virtual film festivals from all over the world!

Filmocracy has thousands of the best independent films and hosts multiple virtual film festivals every month from around the world. Each virtual film festival has its own unique festival village- complete with original programming, panels, director Q&A’s, and live networking opportunities. It’s never been easier to walk the red carpet!
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Join us APRIL 18, 2021 for the show!

Film Threat’s Award This! is an event with a clear mission — to champion independent films in a variety of categories in order to bring greater awareness to the growing number of exceptional independent films available on numerous platforms including VOD and streaming services. Recognizing these films during the height of award season with a ceremony hosted by actors, comedians and critics, and right afterwards to celebrate with a huge party. 

Film Festival Mastery Podcast

Everything you want to know about Film Festival secrets

Join us every week as our hosts Jon Fitzgerald (co-founder of Slamdance), Justin Giddings (TheKickstarterGuy), and Paul Jun (CEO, Filmocracy) discuss all things film festivals.

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