DIY: Using Common Household Items

For the last minute thinker, who wants to look like a long term creative planner


The look written below is based off of the classic straight jacket and mask.  I am choosing this look because it is the most popular and will be the hardest to accomplish through DYI.  

Remember: It is Halloween — popular is not always good if you want to remain unique with very little time!  This is why I included some other choices for you!

What you will need…

1.Paper towels, newspaper or similar


3.Warm water

4.Brown paint (for accuracy of color)

5.Sponge (optional)

6.Paper clip, wire or similar

7.Elastic, hair tie, or other creative strap (securing mask)


From Beauty and the Beast

What you will need…

  1. 2 empty quaker oats 


Getting Ready As long as you have everything, no prep days are needed)

Step 1: Base Clothes

Best Colors: Gold, Yellow, Off-white 
Feel free to be creative and wear another base though!
Clothes Type: The most important part is that it is fitted, long sleeve and extends to at least your lower calf.
Examples of what could work:
Fitted Dress, Pants/long sleeve shirt, leggings, long underwear, Skirt, Dress, Suite 
OUTSIDE THE BOX thinking: If you don’t have the right wardrobe, look around your house for drapery such as Curtains, Bed Sheet, Table Cloth…etc.
Fit to body with pins, rope, belts or even knots using the material

Step 2: NAILS

Either secure a fake nail to your middle finger or use your regular nail and paint it yellow. After, put a gloss over it so it shimmers.  This will act as the candle once your hands are covered. 

Step 3: Head candle

Follow the steps in the picture below: “DIY Cardboard Hat”.  Once you have made your hat, use tissue paper or toilet paper and cover it twice. Then, at the top of the hat, string random glue lines to look like melting wax.  Push the top of your hate in enough so you cannot see the tip.  Glue a small battery run light through the top of the hat, so it just picks up. (see photo example) 

Step 4: Candle Holder Hands

Take two containers of oatmeal and cut a hole in the bottom big enough to fit your hand, but not so bit it will fall off. 

bottom out. Either paint them yellow or use tinfoil to have silver look. 

Put your hand through. 

What you will need…

1. Sponge

2. White Greece Paint 


4.Black powder

5.Black Paint Stick 

6. Blue paint stick

Nacy Pain List: 

7. Red Lipstick

8. Nose


STEP 1: Apply white grease paint

With a sponge, apply white grease paint, coding your face, but leaving a circle around your eyes. (You can follow the natural curve above your eyebrows to know how big to make the circle as a guide.)


Begin by using a brush and black powder to darken in the circle around your eyes.

Then use eyeliner and put it on thick on the bottom of your eyes.

Lastly, use the blue stick to mimic the shape in the picture. Blend the blue and white under your eyes


Put red lipstick on your lips and surrounding them about 1/4 an inch out. 

STEP 5: Nose

Slap on your nose and you’re good to go!


Using a darker lipstick or paint, you can apply it on creases on the edge of your lips and wrinkles on the top to add depth 

Using a black makeup crayon or eyeliner or black paint and a Q-Tip (with cotton removed), you can lightly draw laugh lines

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