Filmocracy Begins

Reimagining the Future of Streaming

The Paradox of Choice

While more than 13,000 films were made in 2018 (it’s been increasing since 2002), only 700+ receive distribution deals. People complain that there’s nothing to watch when in reality we’re in the golden age of content. The real problem is that no one has a way to sort through the thousands of options constantly blasting our retinas.

Who Doesn’t Check Reviews?

In the current consumption climate, reviews are king. People rarely eat out without first checking Yelp, or buy a product on Amazon without looking at the number of stars. Some people even take it a step further by checking out to verify the reviews online are legitimate! So then, why are we as consumers fine with spending valuable time and money watching a movie or show that may not be any good? And why for that matter do we have to go to third party websites to figure out what to watch?

Why Hide Reviews?

The answer is obvious for streaming providers like Netflix and HBO. They’ve already produced the film/show or already paid the license fee for it, so having a rating system that could potentially label their content as 1-star is bad for business. It’s in their best interest to hide how much of their content is of middling quality with only a few standout shows to support the platform like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

Getting Distribution is Almost Impossible

Meanwhile independent filmmakers are finding it harder than ever to reach their audience. For the first time in 8 years, Amazon and Netflix didn’t make any acquisitions at the Sundance Film Festival. Independent production and distribution companies are shutting down left and right. And finding a distributor who will spend the necessary $1–3 million in marketing costs to get your $250k budget film noticed doesn’t make financial sense.

Enter Filmocracy

So this is why Filmocracy is being created. To level the marketing playing field by creating a merit based streaming platform where crowdsourced ratings can push the best films to their audiences without having to enter countless festivals or spend tons of money buying YouTube and Google Ads.

Paul Jun, Co-Founder/CEO

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