LGBTQuarantine: The Best Queer Films to Watch on Filmocracy During Lockdown

  • Paul 

Recently on twitter, young members of the LGBTQ+ community were posting selfies of themselves at home during the coronavirus lockdown with the hashtag #LGBTQuarantine. That got me thinking, what are the best LGBTQ+ movies we have streaming on Filmocracy? Below I have rounded them up, I’ve decided to stick to the ones with happy endings only because we could certainly use some cheer right about now.

Death To Prom

A cute teen rom-com that’s not about the trials and tribulations of coming out? Yes, please. A happy romantic ending too? Count me in.

Finding Mr. Wright

A Hollywood manager ends up falling for the life coach he hires to help his starlet client get her life on track.


A rewrite of Shakespeare’s famous drama Macbeth, but with all gay men? Sure. But, instead of a drama, make it a laugh-out-loud comedy? Sounds great.

Say Yes

A woman dying of terminal cancer who wants her husband and her twin brother to get together after she’s gone? Wait, really? Sure, why not?

So Long

Two women, after ending their long-term relationship, rediscover who they are without each other. They learn to embrace themselves and the things they missed while together.

Where Are You Going, Habibi?

A delightful buddy-comedy set in Berlin about a gay Turkish immigrant and the hot German criminal he falls for. A bawdy and poignant story about acceptance.

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