Most Popular Movie Genre Combinations

  • Nikki 

Genre is crucial to the storytelling process. Especially in today’s competitive marketplace. So many films are made each year but only a portion make it to theaters or online streaming. That’s why filmmakers need to understand different genres to reach the right audience.

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10 Filmmaking Myths Debunked

  • Nikki 

It can be intimidating for aspiring filmmakers to break into the industry. Especially when there are a lot of misconceptions about the filmmaking process.  Ted Sim from Indy Mogul compiled the internet’s most common myths about filmmaking. In this video, he discusses these myths with… Read More »10 Filmmaking Myths Debunked

Death of the Pre-Sales Model

  • Paul 

Once upon a time making movies used to be free. Execs were flush with lucrative DVD/Blu-Ray deals and Television was generating a huge longtail of revenue. But as all good things must come to an end, so did rampant production of B-level action movies that… Read More »Death of the Pre-Sales Model