5 Comedies to Make You Cackle Through Quarantine

  • Paul 

Stuck at home? Bored on a Saturday night? Can’t go out because of quarantine? You need to have a good laugh to get through this frustrating time. Lucky for you Filmocracy has an array of comedies to choose from. Guaranteed to make you laugh so hard, you’ll end up with rock hard abs by the end of quarantine.

Check out some of our highly rated content. Stack your popcorn and I’m not talking about your snacks.

Everybody Does It (2015)

A young woman takes her sexuality into her own hands–literally.

  • Comedy, Short Films
  • 11 Minutes
  • English

Crackheads (2013)

Four unlikely friends become addicted to methamphetamine, sending them on a disastrous yet hilarious roller coaster ride that will change their lives forever.

  • Comedy, International
  • 90 Minutes
  • English

Dating Daisy (2016)

Two passionate twenty-somethings in an on-again / off-again relationship decide to road trip home together for the holidays.

  • Comedy, Drama
  • 89 Minutes
  • English

Nothing in Los Angeles (2013)

Quinn is a writer dating Ann, a woman twice his age. His best friend Peter is married to Beth but having a bit of a sexual identity crisis. When a connection sparks between Quinn and Beth, it makes all four reevaluate what love means to them.

  • Comedy, LGBT
  • 95 Minutes
  • English

Baby Fever (2017)

This raunchy, girl-powered comedy follows the journey of Christine and her best friends, three ladies on a quest to defeat their biological clocks and have a baby. They try everything including anonymous donation , adoption and audacious seduction.

  • Comedy
  • 90 Minutes
  • English

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