5 Survival Films to Make Your Quarantine Seem Not so Bad

  • Paul 

Being in quarantine can be lonely and boring for some. Especially after finding out about cancelled events, trips, and social gatherings. Although the coronavirus pandemic may be alarming, it could be worse. Like running away from zombies worse. We’re not there yet so why not entertain yourself with some films while social distancing. Here’s a list of 5 survival films on Filmocracy to make staying in seem not so bad.

Index Zero

Does working from home affect your productivity? We know how distracting your quarantine snacks could be. Well at least authorities aren’t evaluating everyone based on their productivity and sustainability like in Index Zero. This film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a couple tries to enter the United States of Europe illegally. Yup that’s right, the United States of Europe.

Watch it if:  You love sci-fi thrillers, immigration stories, and pregnant women.

Apocalypse According to Doris

Not everything apocalyptic has to be dark and scary. In this film, it includes laughter and tragic secrets. Check out this quirky comedy about a psychic housewife who predicts the end of the world. Watching someone else have nut cases show up at their door sure does beat having them show up at yours.

Watch it if: You have paranormal experiences, a dysfunctional family, and a desire to reach a higher self.

Dimension Z

This horror-thriller gives zombie apocalypses a new meaning. Running away from blood thirsty zombies is already hard enough. But to have them also exist in another dimension of their own? It gets even weirder. Sink your teeth into this film and see how the remaining survivors try to save the world.  

Watch it if: You enjoy screaming under “moody lighting”, death by lighters, and getting scolded by a corpse.


Stop trying to sell your annoying sibling in exchange for toilet paper. Take a break and watch this film about a family of scavengers who struggle to survive in a dystopic future. Payload combines terrific cinematography and performances that show the lengths people go to for their family. Suddenly that toilet paper shortage doesn’t seem so bad.

Watch it if: You are a sci-fi fan, close to your family, and in need to feel dramatic.


Now you can vicariously get your cardio workout in through this short horror film. Taking place years after the end of the world, it’s no surprise that zombies are still craving for human flesh. Looks like all that’s left in stock is a small group of survivors. Watch this film and see the last bit of humanity run for their lives to survive in this post-apocalypse.  

Watch it if: You like archery, camping, and hide-and-seek.

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