7 Indie Films Starring Actresses Before Their Big Break

  • Paul 

1. Lupita Nyong’o – East River

Short film without dialogue about the relationship between physical and emotional space. A lone traveler arrives in New York City and fashions deceiving relationships amidst the industrial ruins of the Brooklyn waterfront.

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2. Florence Pugh – The Falling

It’s 1969 at a strict English girls’ school where charismatic Abbie and intense and troubled Lydia are best friends. After a tragedy occurs at the school, a mysterious fainting epidemic breaks out threatening the stability of all involved.

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3. Kerry Washington – Our Song

Follows three friends, Lanisha (Kerry Washington), Maria (Melissa Martinez) and Joycelyn (Anna Simpson), best friends and members of their school’s marching band, through the hot streets of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. During the closing weeks of summer, the small moments and dramas that mean nothing and everything to a young girl navigating her way into adulthood start to accumulate. And the girls and their friendships change forever.

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4. Nikohl Boosheri – The Wedding

Rami, a young Muslim man, is preparing for his wedding with Sara while fulfilling a queer sexuality in secret due to a strict religious and cultural upbringing.

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5. America Ferrera – Real Women Have Curves

The story of a first generation Mexican-American girl and her passage to womanhood. Although she wants to go away to college, she must battle against the views of her parents, who think she should stay at home and provide for the family. As a compromise, she works with her mother in a sewing factory over the summer and learns some important lessons about life, helping her make a decision about her future.

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6. Constance Wu – The Feels

Andi and Lu are excited to celebrate their upcoming wedding with a joint bachelorette weekend in wine country. On the first night, things get off to a rocky start when one of the brides admits that she’s never had an orgasm.

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7. Nichole Sakura – Model Minority

Written and directed by ER (1994) castmember Lily Mariye, this gritty, sexually frank coming-of-age story has won 11 awards. Set in inner-city Los Angeles.

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