How You Can Support Ukraine And The Ukrainian Film Industry

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The Russian attack on Ukraine has shocked the world and Ukraine and its people face great peril. In the face of this, many are speaking out and stepping up to assist the Ukrainian people. Filmocracy’s mission has always been to shine a light on those whose voices need to be heard.  

Below are ways we all can support the Ukrainian people and their film industry. Give as much as you can and please share these resources with those around you. 

support filmmakers at war

Support Ukrainian Filmmakers At War

Babylon’13, a collective of Ukrainian filmmakers, is organizing this fundraising campaign. This money will go towards providing equipment to filmmakers as well as covering expenses directly related to their work on the front lines. This will aid in the dissemination of factual stories about the Russian-Ukrainian war to a large international audience, thereby bolstering Ukraine’s battle for freedom, democracy, and independence. 

Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk: Solidarity with Ukraine

The ICFR’s mandate includes providing support to filmmakers in danger, which applies to practically every Ukrainian filmmaker in the country today. They appeal to cinema professionals and organizations all over the world to join them in their efforts to assist Ukrainian filmmakers in these trying times. 

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Match And Spark

Match and Spark is a talent agency based in Warsaw, Poland. They are inviting Ukrainian creatives, which include directors, photographers, set designers, costume designers, makeup artists, editors, and others. They are inviting any producers who are ready to hire for anything productions like films, music videos, TV series, advertisements, et cetera, to get in touch with them at: They are doing this all pro-bono so if you know anyone, reach out! Match and Spark will connect Ukrainian creatives with producers who are offering work.

Voices Of Children

The Voices of Children foundation based in Ukraine is providing assistance to children and families all over Ukraine, even helping with evacuations. Their objective is that every Ukrainian child who has suffered from this war gets the help they need in time.

Donate here:

Sunflower of Peace 

As a result of the war in Ukraine, Sunflower of Peace has started a new fundraiser to provide medical and humanitarian aid. This money will be used for medical supplies to front-line doctors, Ukrainian soldiers, citizens, and volunteers. Currently, there is a lack of medical supplies, and aid is needed now more than ever. 

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CARE has established an emergency Ukrainian Crisis Fund to provide immediate assistance to 4 million people. Donations will be used to provide water, food, supplies, hygiene kits, urgent support and relief, and cash to Ukrainians.

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Thank you for your support and action. 

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