Coming of Age and Coming Out

  • Paul 

Not everyone shares the same coming out story. It could be exhilarating, frightening, life-changing, cathartic, or everything all together. That’s why we put together a list of coming of age films that capture the powerful experience of coming out and will leave you rewatching them… Read More »Coming of Age and Coming Out

LGBTQ+ Films to Take You Back in Time

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While LGBTQ+ films have only recently garnered the space and spotlight they deserve, that doesn’t mean that they are only telling stories that occur in the present. From World War II era Germany to 1930s Korea to 1770s France, the following period pieces have brought us queer stories that transcend decades or in one case centuries.

Feel Good Queer Films for Your LGBTQuarantine

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Sometimes there’s nothing better than a film that makes you laugh and leaves you smiling so we’ve put together a few that can turn any bad day around. Many amazing films that deal with the challenges of identifying as LGBTQ+ depict painful experiences, but it is equally important to put triumphant and joyful queer love stories on screen. Look no further than the list below to celebrate Pride month with some of our favorite rom-coms and feel good classics.